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The Alan Wormser Memorial Morse Code Warriors - KJ4DLX

Promoting the use of Morse Code through creative, new, and humorous methods!

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First Posting! Break out the champaign!
Rae's oranges
orangesophie wrote in code_warriors
Howdy folks! I've finished tweaking the format of this blog, and she's ready for business! The Alexandria Radio Club should be checking in here soon and commenting on how they like it. Any other CW fans or AW fans (Alan Wormser ;) are welcome to join in too!

Now if I could just figure out how to get my MP3s posted up here...

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Code on the road???

Have you folks heard of "Code On The Road"?

Some years ago I joined a group and then never heard of them again. It was Code Warriors, and I was givebn the membership number of 63. ---Mobile CW. ---Code On The Road...
"Putting code on the road using the primary mode"

David (W7DBH)

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